#LD48: Martian Sock Challenge

Ludum Dare #30! August 2014. Using the topic selected at the start of the event, build an original game in 48 hours. My entry for the topic of "Connected Worlds" was the Martian Sock Challenge. Lessons learned: Participate in warm-up weekend! Don't have house guests during Ludum Dare! Don't take yourself too seriously! (Ok, I actually knew that one.)

Neverwinter Foundry

Two quests have been published and more are in the works. Both of these start in Protector's Enclave:

NW-DL2X4W65C Lilian's Journal A simple test of the tools.
NW-DLDREH3B8 The Water Supply More story, more action.


Monopoly! It wasn't my favorite game, but the class project was to rework the mechanics. Read about what happened. SPOILER ALERT: We had fun.


Frenemies -- excessively early play testing for only the most dedicated of fans.   This simple game concept was designed as a puzzle game for a mobile device. It has 3 rules: defend, leave a path, and use only the pieces available.

Pseudo Cache #1

"Pseudo Cache #1" is a hyperlinked text adventure that takes you out on a small treasure hunt. This is a small sample to work out technical issues before we invest in longer gameplay. Short but playable.

Friends and Aliens

Inspired by a couple of other non-games and an urge to explore "mechanic as the message". (Still in testing; no demo link available yet.)

No Working Title

This is another mostly-text adventure, much longer, different theme. Still in development.

Website in Transition!

Website is being updated...comments welcome!